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Exclusive Legal Representation for Discerning Clients. Serving CA, NY, MA. Business, Criminal, Divorce, & Education Law.


  • AlreadyHosting


    Best Web Hosting Reviews

  • Jonathan Taplin

    Jonathan Taplin

    Director Emeritus, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. Producer/Author, “Mean Streets”, “Move Fast & Break Things”. New book, “The Magic Years”, out 3/21.

  • JCPE


    Product Leader and Creative Nerd. VP of Product at Sunday Goods, Formerly Onward. Filmmaker, Directed Know How & Second Skin. Children’s Book Author.

  • Michael Rossato Bennett

    Michael Rossato Bennett

    Director of the Sundance winning doc “Alive Inside” and Exec. Director of the Alive Inside Foundation. Michael works to awaken sleeping souls (including his!).

  • Chip Del Vecchio

    Chip Del Vecchio

  • Angus Gow

    Angus Gow

    All round technologist and CTO with expertise in programming (Dart, Scala, Java, Python), blockchain, data science and AI. #Dart #Agile #AI #Python #DataScience

  • Pennie Alvarez

    Pennie Alvarez

  • Monica Angrand

    Monica Angrand

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